Free Domestic Coach Education Session

Another exciting coaching development opportunity from the Wanneroo Basketball Association.

Are you coaching domestic this season and looking for a bit of help and guidance for constructing a training?

The WBA is running a domestic coach education to continue our Winter Season.

Our 1st session of Term 3 will focus on drills that emphasize teamwork! Come join us on Sunday the 28th of August, 9.00 - 10.30 am, at Lake Joondalup Baptist College.

Our 2nd session of Term 3 will focus on individual skill and 1v1 drills! Come join us on Saturday the 24th of September, 9.00 - 10.30 am, at Lake Joondalup Baptist College.

This Clinic is free for our current Domestic Coaches of all divisions and experience levels.

Please join our Coaching Coordinator, Jesse Pence for this exciting event.

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Welcome All WolfPack Coaches!

The WolfPack has provided some FREE, online coach development activities to provide our coaches an opportunity to learn some new concepts/drills/tactics from some very experienced coaches, both from within our club and also from top-level “special guests”.

There is a series of interactive, online presentations on various topics for coaches to view in their own time. 

Watch Coach webinars

Webinar 1: Charles Nix - WolfPack Way, Values & Player Attributes

Webinar 2: Andrew Summerville - How to coach, not what to coach

Webinar 3: Luke Brennan - Individual Defence 

Webinar 4: Justin Schueller - Spacing & Movement in Offence

Webinar 5: Stephen Charlton - Coaching Journey

Webinar 6:  Jason Power - Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement

Webinar 7: Tim Rendulic - Scouting 

Webinar 8: Fraser Brown - Video 

Webinar 9Gerard Hillier - Footwork, implementation and the use of the zero-step

Webinar 10Charles Nix - Basketball Basics with our Fantastic Five


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