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The Wanneroo Basketball Association is immensely proud of our history, firstly as a volunteer organisation and now with professional staff.

Our life members are a collection of dedicated individuals who helped build the WBA both on and off the court.


1983 Alan Holst

1985 Peter Smith

1986 Ray Fairclough

1988 Ron Smith

1993 Joan Bowey

1993 Bryan Bowey

1993 Murray Neville

1993 Donna Cuperus

1993 John Lynn

1994 Gaye Mayger

1994 Dave Mayger

1995 Mary Kailis

1995 Van Kailis

1996 Vince Kelley

1997 Bruce Zeliff

1997 Shirley Bradley

2000 June O'Sullivan

2000 Ross Pengilly

2005 Mark Loxley

2007 Johanna Bell

2007 John Hayter

2018 Ryan Hunter

2018 Damian Matacz

2018 Doug Gates

2019 Shani Caldwell

2019 Glen Simpson


1986 Club Patron: Brian Cooper  


                                                                     Van Kailis - Vince Kelley - Shirley Bradley 













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